The COYS Collective

\”The COYS Collective\”

     As many of you who are reading this probably already know, my name is Matt, I live in Rhode Island, and I am the chair of RI Spurs. Getting RI Spurs up and off the ground was a somewhat complicated matter, as a group had previously existed, but no longer met, and there was an unofficial group with a small following. I set out to merge the two ideas and with the help of many others across social-media , \”revive\” RI Spurs.

     I was able to connect the dots, merge the two existing groups, and get new people involved. During this time I interacted with a few nearby official supporter\’s clubs and fans, just to make sure we were taking the correct steps necessary to make RI Spurs an OSC. Most of my interactions were great, other groups were very welcoming, and wanted to help spread the word. Unfortunately all of these interactions were not, as a certain group saw this as infringing upon their \”turf\” even though they were quite a bit away. This interaction stuck with me, and bothered me a bit. We\’re all supporters of the same team, and share the same goal of building a community of like-minded people to watch games together, and do a bit to help our communities and local businesses.

     During this time is when I also got into contact with Scott who was hosting E-Spurs USA and running weekly supporters club episodes, where various chairs and members of OSC\’s across the country joined, and told the story of their group. This was an experience I truly enjoyed, and got my wheels turning, eventually leading to the creation of Tottenham Podspur.

     I never would have imagined how quickly our tiny podcast would have taken off when Brookes and I released the first episode, but each episode we put out, we saw a higher number of plays, and were loving every second. As I write this, our pod has over 10k plays, and has been heard in over fifteen countries! I\’ve met some AMAZING people along the way and have had many great interactions. That is what has stuck with me most.

     I recently created The COYS Collective group on Facebook via our Podspur page as a place for supporters, and supporter\’s clubs from all over the world to join, connect, and share what\’s going on within their groups. I want OSC\’s to join. Join with your personal, join with your OSC page if you have one. Post every event, share every gathering. Being a Spurs supporter is being a member of a community, and The COYS Collective is a place to share community. Once things get back to a bit of \”normal\” people will travel, and visit OSC\’s where they travel. One of my favorite parts about RI Spurs is the amount of out of state supporter\’s who have joined us to watch matches. It\’s great to sit down with a member of another group and hear how things are with them. I want The COYS Collective to become a showcase of all of these great OSC\’s and what\’s going on in each one.

     Times are challenging right now, so most of all I wanted to bring some positive light to the community that has brought so much to me. Connect with us, feel at home, encourage your friends, family, colleagues, supporter\’s group members and leadership to join us and share all of the good going on within.

Join the Facebook group by clicking HERE.

Thanks for reading, stay safe, take care of one another, and come on you Spurs!


Published by Podspur

Longtime Spurs supporter. Founder / Chair of Rhode Island Spurs. Creator, and host of Tottenham Podspur. COYS!

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