New kit, who dis?

A lot has been made about the new kits recently released by the club, with reactions covering the spectrum from LOVE all the way to DISGUSTING.

The PODSPUR crew has had several lengthy and at times heated debates about the new kits, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you all.

Let’s start with the 2020-21 Tottenham Hotspur home kit. (Matt’s rating 1/5 stars.)

We’ll start with the obvious, and don’t tell me I can’t complain about it, because this is my blog and that’s exactly what I’m going to do, but the red AIA sponsor text on all of our home kits over the years flat out sucks. It’s a bad look having our biggest rivals main color front and center on our home shirt. There’s a MUCH better mockup of this shirt floating around the socials with the AIA in the same blue tone as that cut in on the sleeve. I know that red is a brand color of AIA, but there’s NO reason why it couldn’t be blue on our home shirts, and I’ll get to that a bit more when I talk about the away shirt.

But back to the home kit, getting past the sponsor logo is one thing, the next step is the “torso pattern” which we’re starting to see more and more on club kits across European football. City have the swimming pool liner look, and we have a display that looks like it’s been crafted by Elsa straight out of a Disney Frozen movie installment. There are some cool patterns and textures that can be integrated into shirt designs, but this? C’mon Nike…let it go.

My final, and probably biggest gripe with the home top has got to be the sleeves. The blue “slit” just doesn’t look right. I am admittedly a life long New Englander and this top has many similarities to a New England Patriots uniform, but I HATE the NFL and hate that this shirt makes me think of the NFL…or is that what Levy wanted? If and when fans will be allowed back into the Tottenham Hotspur stadium, that will include NFL teams and NFL fans flocking from all over the globe. Maybe the design of a home shirt that resembles an NFL shirt was intentional to target the NFL tourists who will undoubtedly visit the shop while visiting the stadium…

Our home kits have predominantly been very plain and understated over the years, and that’s a good thing. The more Lillywhite, the better, the more snowflakes, and you catch my drift…

I keep hearing, “it looks better in person!” But that’s not good enough for me due to what I think when I look at it…I didn’t buy this shirt, and I won’t be for the many reasons listed. Nike and Spurs dropped the ball on this design.

Next up, the 2020-21 Tottenham Hotspur away kit. (Matt’s rating 4.5/5 stars.)

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve gotten through my complaining. This third kid is a stunner. It is absolutely beautiful, even as it breaks the mold of our traditional club colors.

The dark, almost emerald green is accented by an almost “lime green” badge and AIA sponsor logo. Like green is NOT a brand color of AIA, and with the name and number lettering on the back of this top being white, Spurs and Nike could have very well chosen white for the cockerel and sponsor lettering, furthering my point that there is NO need for red on our home kits.

I purchased the Vaporknit version of this shirt equipped with the “BERGWIJN 23” of Stevie B FC on the back, and absolutely love this top. The badge really stands out in that line green TPU and even has the salmon piping (also found on the side and back collar of the shirt) on the raised edge of the badge giving it a nice touch as you see it from different angles. The sewn in Vaporknit texture and designs accent the shirt well, but remain understated and relatively simple.

My one grip, and why I didn’t give it a full 5 stars is the weird notch in the collar on the backside. It’s the salmon accent part, which looks nice but there’s a weird “v” shaped cutout that I just don’t get. Collars have gotten very funky the last few years, and I like them either polo style or just rounded out normal neck circles. But, it’s a minor flaw.

If I had to recommend buying one, after reading this, you know where I stand. If you can, spend the extra coin and get the Vaporknit, you won’t be disappointed.

There are rumors of the yellow lolly third shirt, and a potential 4th that looks like an ode to the Nike uptempo, but I’ll hold off on those until it and when they actually drop.

Let me know what you though in the comments, and make sure you click subscribe as we’re going to be ramping up our blog posts.
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Thanks for reading, and as always…COYS!


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