500 Words on a Back Up Keeper (AKA Handsome GK\’s R\’ Us)

 A Winning Team Can Never Have Too Much Hart, Spurs Sign Former England No.1 


Make no mistake, Joe Hart’s career has been in a state of flux recently. No longer the once dominant force that steered Manchester City to Premier League Title glory on two occasions, Hart was looking for a fresh opportunity to apply his craft, after four tumultuous seasons since leaving the Etihad.  

“No getting away from it, it’s been a difficult couple of years for me personally on the football field, but I feel like I’ve got so much to give, I feel like Ive got so much quality, a lot in the bank, but not much game time recently,” Hart said in an interview with the @SpursOfficial. 

On the business side of things, Hart joins Spurs officially on a free transfer with his weekly wages totaling approximately $27,500 per week plus bonus. Which turns out to be an additionally beneficial move for Spurs as Hart will provide more squad flexibility as a homegrown player.  

But let’s call this what it really is – a perfect fit for everyone involved. Joe Hart is a household name, who when he is fit and firing, is one of the best goalkeepers the Premier League has seen. However, we haven’t seen household name Joe Hart in close to five years. Spurs were looking for an upgrade on Vorm, to push Gazzaniga, and be a viable back up for Hugo, while we play three times a week. Oh, and all for a price that Dainel Levy will pay… Low Risk, High Reward, A Perfect Fit. 

In the even it all goes wrong on the pitch, Hart is still a class guy, a true professional, who knows the mentality it requires to take a team from contenders to Premier League Champions. I promise you those guys aren’t just wandering around looking for work, unless they\’re Judas, and fuck that guy. 

When it all goes right though… As many of us here at Podspur think it will. Tottenham just secured one of the only 4X Premier League Gold Glove winners for approximately $27,500 a week – To back up our World Cup winning Captain No.1 Keeper, who I maintain to STILL be the best shot stopper in the Premier League, Hugo Lloris.  

“I’ve got a huge admiration for Hugo, one of the world’s greatest goalkeepers, and I’m genuinely excited to work with him, excited to push, him and excited to learn from him,” stated hart.  

These statements make it clear that this is not a vanity signing. Despite Hart’s obvious leadership characteristics, he is here to contribute to Tottenham Hotspur on the pitch. And honestly, it looks like that\’s the case. Hart himself has made several references to feeling fully healthy and fit for the first time in years – Like his body is once again ready to handle the rigors of competing in four different competitions this season.  

Back-up keeper woes are nothing new to Spurs fans. Whether it was Vorm’s gaffes in FA Cups Semi Finals or Paulo jump kicking Marcos Alonso in the box, stability behind Hugo is much needed, especially with this ridiculously congested fixture list.   

While I understand the potential skepticism about this move, we at Podspur remain optimistic that Hart will feature prominently this season. The Low Risk, High Reward nature of this move epitomizes the way that José is shaping this Spurs squad. Though we might not be getting peak Joe Hart, as Podspur’s own Chad Moss points out, “We’re not getting Burnley Joe Hart either.”   


The ToddFather is a regular contributor to Podspur and can be reached for comment at tconspurs@gmail.com or @TC_Coshow on twitter 

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