So, Now What?

 So, Now What?      As Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow in his Pennsylvania town, alerting us of the six more weeks of incoming winter, Spurs fans are having a Groundhog Day of their own – another transfer window slamming shut with no new signings. This follows two windows that saw players make their wayContinue reading “So, Now What?”

The Surge of Aurier

      Yesterday, Tottenham Hotspur lost its first match since match week 1 against Everton. It did so away from home at Anfield and against the reigning Premier League champion, Liverpool. This result saw them leapfrog Spurs to claim the top spot after thirteen games into the season. This game was a frustrating oneContinue reading “The Surge of Aurier”

500 Words on a Back Up Keeper (AKA Handsome GK\’s R\’ Us)

 A Winning Team Can Never Have Too Much Hart, Spurs Sign Former England No.1    Make no mistake, Joe Hart’s career has been in a state of flux recently. No longer the once dominant force that steered Manchester City to Premier League Title glory on two occasions, Hart was looking for a fresh opportunity to apply his craft, after four tumultuous seasons since leaving theContinue reading “500 Words on a Back Up Keeper (AKA Handsome GK\’s R\’ Us)”

The Cement

Højbjerg Inks a 5-Year Deal With Tottenham    By now you’ve heard that Pierre Emile Højbjerg (PEH) will stand guard in front of the Tottenham back line for the next 5 seasons. Clad in a sleeve of traditional Danish tattoos, and an eerily familiar No. 5 (We miss you Jan!) – Højbjerg represents not only, that the painful rebuild Spurs fans were warned about is in full swing, but also a that the mentality ofContinue reading “The Cement”

New kit, who dis?

A lot has been made about the new kits recently released by the club, with reactions covering the spectrum from LOVE all the way to DISGUSTING. The PODSPUR crew has had several lengthy and at times heated debates about the new kits, so I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. Let’s start withContinue reading “New kit, who dis?”